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Our Chiropractic Doctors take time with each patient. Spending time on soft tissue work before doing any alignment work or adjustments improves the effects and outcomes of the treatment.  We are told all the time by patients how much they love coming in for a treatment with Dr. Dawson, as she takes the time and gets amazing results.  Chiropractic care is an important part of wellness because nervous system health is important to ALL other physiological systems and functions in the body.  Mobility and range of motion need to be looked after in order to avoid surgeries, chronic pain and injuries.  The spine need to be cared for because it is comprised of many joints and discs and intersecting anatomy pivotal to circulation, brain health, digestive health and muscle function. 

At Blue Stone we love seeing patients mobility, athletic performance, injury recovery and nervous system health improve and stay healthy and mobile.  Ask us anything about our approach or come in for a first visit :)

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