Functional Blood Testing & Nutrition Programs

Functional Blood Analysis is a powerful tool to take a look blood cells and the environment around the cells using a high powered microscope. a We often recommend booking in for this test when we need to know more about nutrient status, digestive health, liver, lymphatics and brain chemistry. 


All too often health practitioners make assumptions in their treatment plans before properly understanding all the underlying aspects contributing to the symptoms.  This occurs quite often in IBS and Digestive issues, where gut healers are given without knowing if there are blocks to healing like parasites, food sensitivities or toxicity to remove first.  The microscope is a great way to take a look first.  The session takes 45 minutes and we show you your cells on a big TV monitor and explain everything we see. 

Nutrition at Blue Stone Health comprises of 4 main programs to help patients with food planning and intuitive eating for various health conditions, hormonal profiles, and athletic or body composition goals.  Our nutritionists work with our naturopathic doctors to best create a tailored food plan.