Stories of Healing

S.K. Kelowna BC

My story begins at a young age, back as far as some of my first memories of life. Those feelings were of being scared, afraid, anxiety for no apparent reason, thoughts of dying, anger, lots of very horrible feelings. I felt very alone in this world. Felt trapped in my own head. I lived my life like this for 30 years, growing up being scared to talk to anyone about it. Thinking I was the only one. I got to an age in my life where I found drugs and alcohol to help deal with the overwhelming feelings and thoughts that haunted me. It seem to help numb the pain, silence the voices, it gave some kind of temporary relief that I was looking for. This went on for years and years, just trying to find that temporary relief whenever I could. Eventually the voices and feelings grew louder, you can only band aid something like this for so long until eventually you cant hold them in anymore. It literally started crippling me, I was scared to go out, scared to talk to anyone, some days scared to even move. Life seems to become worthless. The days begin to feel like a struggle, you can’t enjoy anything. I found myself, a grown man, dad, mma fighter, hockey enforcer on the ground in my sons room crying, un-able to move, petrified. My son came in and seen this and just laid with me hugging me, knowing that I shouldn’t be alone. He didn’t leave my side. That was the day I decided to really make a change, I reached out to Dr. Hailey, she welcomed me with open arms, we spent the first meeting just talking and getting to know one another, she really wanted to help and reassured me that she could get my life back on track, give me the life I have never had and to be able to enjoy everything it has to offer. At first I was doubtful and very skeptical because of how low and for how long I have felt this horrible. I just assumed there was no coming back from this. I had been prescribed medication in the past but never had any success, it just seemed like booze, it only gave me some kind of temporary relief, basically just made me drowsy and numb. But Dr.Hayley made me feel like a friend and it seemed like she truly cared to help find me happiness again.  

She started me on a program which consisted of getting my body back to an alkaline state instead of an acidic state which mine was, gaba, and a few other vitamins she recommended, within days I noticed drastic changes in my mood and just being able to relax and enjoy a few moments to myself, as the days went on it just kept getting better and better. After a week or so Dr. Hailey got me in for some blood work to really address the problem and go after it accordingly. 

I remember a day where I really noticed drastic change. I was walking outside and everything seemed as which I can only explain as being in HD. Everything was so much brighter, smells had so much more power, everything seem brighter, I was so in tune with everything going on around me it seemed like I was in a state of euphoria. I couldn’t stop smiling and just saying hi to people, I had finally started experiencing what life is all about, how amazing it is to be here and be in this thing. It was a feeling that the booze and drugs could never give me, not even close, and it felt great. It’s been close to 10 weeks now since I started on my journey with Dr. Hailey, and I can say this for certain, I have never felt happier or better about myself ever in my life. I was having thoughts of suicide 10 weeks ago and now I couldn’t be happier to be here, experiencing everything life has to offer, good and bad. I spent my whole life suffering, letting my mental state of mind almost get the best of me, it was never trying to hurt me, I think of it now as it was trying to tell me to get help, I was just so mentally strong that I endured it for so long. Until It just got to the point where there was only two options, and I am sure glad I picked the path I did and got the professional help I needed from Dr. Hailey.  

It took me 30 years to self destruct and get to a state where I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be here anymore.  It took Dr.Hayley one hug to ensure me that life is worth living and that she had no doubt in her mind that she could help me get through this thing. Like I said earlier it has been 10 weeks now and I couldn’t feel better about myself and my well being. 

Dr. Hailey has such a kind heart and such sincerity that it makes it so much easier to commit to these life changes and realizing that there is hope, there is a better more healthier path to take. She makes it her goal to make you feel better and have happiness again and for that I will forever be grateful. I strongly encourage anyone who is struggling in life like i was to give Dr. Hailey a call, no one deserves to go through life like I did. I’m so happy I made that call and got my life started. I don’t know where I would be today without her help. 

C.S. Kelowna BC

I have struggled with my mental and physical well-being for years.  As a survivor of domestic violence, I found it hard to find primary care givers and medical professionals who treated me with humanity and empathy.  This problem was compounded by the ineffectiveness of conventional talk therapies and medication.  I felt isolated and resigned to a low quality of life.


I am so grateful I found Dr. Hailey.  She is intelligent, bright and full of empathy.  Her medical practice has positively changed my life and helped me to deal with and begin healing the traumas that have lived in my body for so long.


Dr. Hailey is encouraging and pragmatic and offers nutitional support with affordable supplements that have been more effective in helping me than any medication I have previously taken.


Coming to see Dr. Hailey has been an important part of placing self-care as a keystone in my life.  I feel like Dr. Hailey is full of kindness; which is so often lacking in medical professionals.  Her kindness helps me to continue to place my self-care as central to my daily life.


Dr. Hailey also changes acupuncture treatments to address my mental and spiritual well-being which acts as a positive feedback loop leading to decreased physical pain in my body.


I highly recommend Dr. Hailey, especially for women trying to recover from trauma.  I am grateful to have found a doctor who treats me with empathetic care and professional expertise.

D.E. Kelowna BC

After a really traumatic accident involving a concussion I searched for help.  I found Dr. Hailey who has a special focus on concussion recovery and brain health.  In the beginning with a concussion everything is difficult and I felt like the tears and the difficulty in thinking, remembering, doing daily tasks etc was never going to end.  I used to walk into Dr. Hailey's office and cry.  Every time!  She is the most caring compassionate angel.  She put me on a very specific and intensive plan to recover my brain.  It was so amazing every day I felt positive changes. The MD I was seeing couldn't believe how fast I was recovering and wanted to know the diet and the plan and all that Dr. Hailey was doing.  

I still see her and we continue to climb up into these levels of health and feeling great!  I honestly recommend her to everyone who needs any kind of health help :)  She is the best.