IV Vitamin Infusion Lounge

Patients LOVE our High Dose Vitamin Infusions for the boost of energy they deliver.  Our IV menu lets you customize your bag.  A 15min intake with our naturopathic doctors is required before your first one, and in this discussion they will explain the formulas and the options.


Intra-Venous vitamins are a direct way to deliver these nutrients in high doses to the brain and body. In this direct delivery and without blocks to absorption from the digestive tract, they support:

  • metabolism

  • nervous system health & calming

  • brain chemistry (mood, food, mental health)

  • athletic performance (mitochondria, cell function)

  • hormone balance

  • liver support

  • stress management and nervous system parasympathetic (healing and rest) support

See our menu below 

Recommended for your first IV

Basic IV 

Basic still means high dose! This formula contains high dose C, Magnesium, B Complex, Extra B5 and B6,  Selenium, Zinc, MTHF Folate, Bicarb



Abstract palm hands touching brain with

Brain and Liver Support, with direct delivery!

IV Glutathione  

Glutathione is an incredibly powerful antioxidant that helps reverse neuro-degeneration and decline in the brain.  Used for concussion recovery, cognitive support AND for preventative approaches to brain and memory health.



Muscle Performance for Pre and Post  Athletic Training and Events

The Athlete's

Best Friend

All of the Basic IV ingredients with higher dose Magnesium for recovering muscles, and Taurine for metabolism. Ask for a B12 shot (needs to be separate as it goes in the shoulder or hip) for an added boost!



Several medical ampoules with red liquid

Energy and Metabolism support

B12 Boost

B12 shots are helpful for blood building, all DNA processes, metabolism, brain chemistry support, athletic performance, hormone balance, liver support and detoxification



Calming and Anxiety Relieving

Zen IV 

This is an incredible treat for the nervous system. Designed to push the system from fight or flight / stress mode to rest mode.  High dose glycine for the brain, magnesium for parasympathetics, and extra B5 for some adrenal recovery



healthy lifestyle sports woman running o

For a metabolism boost during weight loss plans 

Weight Loss


Lipolytic support for fat burning.  Ask Dr. Hailey how these work best :)