Thriving Kids

We have become a hub for kids physical and mental health with the expertise of Dr. Hailey Kanester, ND.  Our team has a huge amount of passion for helping kids with health and wellness, anxiety and depression, immune strength, behaviour and focus and even higher level coaching for kids to help them on their life path. 

We are teamed up with The Yellow Light Project, a non profit that is passionate about helping kids through anxiety disorders.  Dr. Hailey donates a percent of her services to this cause and is passionate about filing the gaps that exist in care within the realms of mental health and our kids.  

Blue Stone offers nutrient testing, food sensitivity testing and digestive assessments, as well as comprehensive nervous system and brain support for mental wellness, concentration, ADHD & ADD, depression, anxiety etc.  Our chiropractic, nutrition, naturopathic & counselling team are a truly integrative network for the kids at Blue Stone.   Ask us about how to help your kids thrive :)

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